HarborLights - We Will Meet Again In Freedom

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Matthew - Guitar
My board isn't too sophisticated, but I've had this setup for a little over a year and I'm actually quite happy with it for now. I use pretty much every pedal in every song at some point, and there isn't anything that I don't really need.
For my dirty sound, I have a EHX Metal Muff that I use for leads or when I need to “cut through” the mix, an EHX Little Big Muff for rhythm sections, and a Boss OS-2 for a tiny bit of overdrive. I also have a Loud/Louder from Chadderbox Effects. It's a great clean boost, but when used in conjunction with a fuzz pedal, the results can be seriously apocalyptic.
For delays I use an MXR Carbon Copy which is almost always turned on. I set the mix real low to get a nice washy sound underneath everything. It also helps to beef up distorted parts. Next is a Strymon El Capistan, which is beautiful. I use this as my main delay, and it is honestly the most inspiring piece of equipment I have ever used. I dig the sound of the Carbon Copy a little better I think, but the possibilities with the functions on the El Cap are pretty endless. My third and final delay is a Boss DD-6. I use this guy with the mix and the repeats up fairly high for when I want things to get a little chaotic.
For reverb I have a Boss RV-5 set to the modulation setting. I use a Boss TU-2 tuner. Last in my chain is a Digitech Jam Man Stereo. I use this for live looping and for some sound effects and little interludes that I have pre-recorded. And that's it! Nothing too fancy.

Andrew - Bass
I was playing bass on this song. Almost all of it sees my Hall of Fame Reverb turned to the church setting to try and create as large of a sound as I can. For the tremolo picking at the very beginning of the song, I have an Empress Tape Delay set to "some" modulation and "old" tape.
The most fun for me comes in the louder parts. I use a Red Witch Fuzzgod II for the heavier chords and a Walrus Audio Iron Horse when I'm playing single notes. The Iron Horse is probably my favorite distortion pedal I've ever played; it can go from a tame overdrive to absolute insanity very quickly. I love it and it gave the bass on this song a serious kick.




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