Gear used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard - Eventide Space - Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl - Xotic SP Comp - Neunaber Stereo Wet - Barwatt Rocket 30 head (AC30 style) - 212 w/greenbacks

"The Turner" grew out of recording sessions for Blasarius Yonder during a period which was somewhat transitional for me in regards to effects pedals. I was in the middle of a board overhaul and had no Overdrive/Dist/Fuzz of any kind nor any delay, the latter of which I normally had multiple and were always staples of my board. I was determined to use these "limitations" as a means of creative stimuli and make them work for me. The basis of the track lies in open tuning and a huge, dark, 100% wet reverse reverb from the Eventide Space, which was then run through the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl. The WV was set to a very slow, very deep pitch vibrato that brought a strong element of analogue warmth to the very "clean" sheen that the Eventide Space often generates over your tone. This then ran into the Xotic SP, set to subtle compression and a slight boost, with the dip-switch EQ set to what the manual calls "Humbucker Sparkle" before hitting the Neunaber Stereo Wet as the last peal in the chain, set to a moderate mix, long bright verb.

Finally, the track (it was all one take) was combined with variously modified versions of itself in the DAW as well as some sampled piano harmonics.More Blasarius Yonder can be found at: kinglynch.bandcamp.com




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