SPACESHIPS - The Devil​/​Jesus​/​Me

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Here’s a song called The Devil/Jesus/Me from our album I Am A Storm At Sea!!! (available at, and yes, SPACESHIPS is stylized in all caps).
Despite being largely based around an acoustic guitar riff that I wrote ten years ago, my pedalboard has a huge effect on the atmosphere (as well as the heavily processed cello line).
For the first section, I played a slide guitar through a Strymon Blue Sky’s mod reverb (I’ve since upgraded to the Big Sky), giving it a sort of modern lap steel tone.
During the pickup at 3:45, the guitar part is entirely dependent on the EHX Freeze to make it sound like a pad (as opposed to the actual synth pad that comes up later in the song).
The third section is pretty clean. Boring. Effectswise, that is.
For the freakout finale, I stomped on my NYC Big Muff reissue and turned the effect volume on my Boss PS-5 all the way up, then I twisted the shift amount to create an erie, atonal mess behind the synths and drums.
Having been pieced together all on a computer, this song was our biggest challenge to translate live, but we were able to make some adjustments, like replacing the arpeggiating synth line with a similar bass riff, playing the final synth pad section through a POG2. Though thanks to the Big Sky’s persist function, I found a way to combine the acoustic riff with the heavily reverberated slide guitar. Because who doesn’t want to use their effects pedals like sustain pedals?




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