Native Wildlife - Science Fiction

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For this song we wanted to create a full, layered sound. The tour split was the first time we incorporated baritone guitar into our arrangements, and the results were compelling. Instead of the layers being rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and bass, the layers in much of the song are higher rhythm guitar, lower rhythm guitar, and bass.

We use clean amps (Sunn Model A, Ampeg V4) so much of our tone comes from pedals. For John's rhythm tones, the baritone guitar (Schecter Hellcat VI) was run through an MXR 10-band set up as a low shelf and a Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss, which is a great fuzz for low-tuned instruments because it allows the player to tune the bass response. Adam's rhythms are a Tele Deluxe run though a modded Metal Zone. Nobody knows what the mods are other than Korey ripping random parts out, but it sounds amazing. We A/Bed it with a bunch of other pedals including a Fulltone OCD and a Walrus Audio Mayflower, and it was the best. For leads, Adam used an Ibanez Artcore with an SD Jazz neck and a BKP Nailbomb bridge and ran it through a Caroline Haymaker, Strymon El Capistan, and Eventide Space depending on the part. John also used a Classic Player Jazzmaster, Caroline Kilobyte, and Fulltone Choralflange for some overdubs.




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