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Between the three guitarists in the band The Tiny Ugly Germs use a myriad of effects pedals in not only our studio recordings, but our live sets as well. Appearing first on our album “Fun Sucks”, “Nimbostratus” was the first song the current lineup learned together and is a corner stone to our live set to this day. When listening to the track it’s blatantly apparent that it is an effects heavy song, with overdrive, delay and reverb jumping out in the first few beats of the song. We chose this track because of its effects heavy verses and post-chorus, and we thought it represents our sound in a favorable way. When dissecting the track in a gear sense, it makes it easy to see just how much effects pedals influence our sound, as well as all the labels and “sub-genres” that we’ve been thrown into.
The bands rigs:
Nick’s guitar a 1996 Fender MIM Telecaster with American 52’ Fender pickups is put into his pedal board and is set up as such: Boss TU-3 > Ernie Ball full size Volume Pedal > GreyScale Devices Hellcat > Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte LO-FI Delay > Biyang Baby Boom Tri-Reverb > Superhardon Clone (harmonic overdrive) > Boss PS-5 these are all put in front of a 1985 Marshall JTM 45 and that is fed into an Emperor 2x12 cabinet with Jensen Jet Lighting Speakers.

Nate’s guitar a 2009 Fender MIM Telecaster with standard pickups put into his pedal board as such: Boss TU-3 > Boss BD-2 > ProCo RAT 2 > Electro Harmonix Small Stone > MXR Carbon Copy > TC Electronics Arena Reverb > VooDoo Labs Tremolo > Ditto X2 Looper these are put in front of a Bugera 6262 with matching 2x12 cabinet.

Hannah’s guitar a 1995 Fender MIM Jazz Bass with American Fender Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups is put into her pedal board as such: Boss TU-3 > Ernie Ball VP Jr. > Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz these are in front of a 1968(?) Sunn 200s into an Emperor 2x12 cabinet with Eminence delta-pro speakers.




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