That with Tusks - Medicine Shield

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For this recording I used an ESP LTD F414>Golden Cello>Keeley Rat>Ernie Ball Volume Pedal>digitech digidelay>Boss RV3>Behringer DR400>Electro Harmonix Freeze>Peavey Classic 400> Traynor Super Twin 2x15. With the exception of the freeze, all of my pedals are on all the time.
I use a Peavey Classic 400 as a clean platform for all of my pedals, just seems a little more stable and consistent that way. I use the Golden Cello first in the chain to mellow out the rat just a bit, I typically set the delay so its pretty subtle. I set my digitech digidelay to reverse delay, the rv3 is set to reverb/delay (setting 7) about as slow of a delay as I can set, the dr400 is set to reverb only with the blend typically set to about 1:00. If I find that things are starting to run wild on me I saturate things with reverb to help smooth things out. All of my delays after my volume pedal are set to about 75% on the blend knob. I've found that this allows for a relatively long swell when using the volume pedal and for a sort of psuedo sustain when I play without it.

Nothing is ever written, and I play alone. I always got a weird anxiety when it came to trying to sync up with other musicians and having to stick to anything even remotely tied down. Drone should be allowed to breathe and grow, so I let it drift as it will. I use a lot of bends and swells in my drones, just trying to hold onto a specific sound I like for as long as I can.

I wouldn't call myself a musician by any means. I know next to nothing about music theory and I really don't have any technical skill at all. What I do have is a background in art history and anthropology, a study of small scale cultures and their stories and material culture. I've always had a fascination with shamanism, visions, and the idea of self discovery through trials of hardship I draw a lot on those themes when I drone.

In order to prepare for this track, which I have decided to call Medicine Shield, I began by depriving myself of sleep, then working myself to exhaustion. After fasting for almost a day, I covered myself in as many layers of clothing as I could, it was 80 degrees that day, and proceeded to drown myself in half of a bottle of Canadian Club and smoked my pipe. Once I was feeling out of it, I went inside and began to make noise.

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