For Execution Sermon, my effects set up is pretty consistent with all our earlier stuff. I started this band with the simple idea to run a fuzzed out bass through a DigiTech Whammy to help create some high end, and also some weird screeches in a bass-only band. In the beginning, that set up is really all I had in mind. In fact, I started writing our earlier stuff with the Whammy and a Russian Big Muff Pi going through a shitty old PA, because I had no money for a bass rig. This sounded pretty terrible and ruined the PA in only a few weeks, but it got my basic ideas on the table.
The main difference in effects for Execution Sermon is my choice of fuzz. I’d been using an assortment of more expensive boutique fuzz pedals like the ZVEX Fuzz Factory, Idiot Box Death Ray Frequency Mangler, and Red Witch Fuzz God. All of these pedals were really fun and cool, but I managed to fry or destroy all of them over a couple years. We’re not very good at having nice things, and we essentially break everything we get our hands on. My other problem with these pedals was that they tended to cut out a lot of my low end, which is obviously important for a bass and drums duo.
After rifling through a box of some of my old gear, I came across a Nano Pocket Metal Muff that my dad gave me as a gift when I was like fourteen years told. I remembered the pedal sounding very crummy and compressed as a guitar distortion/fuzz, and quickly banished it to the depths of the basement. When all my expensive pedals broke, I plugged in the Metal Muff because I needed something to have practice with. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear how it sounded through my Ampeg V-4 and 8x10 cab. It sounds grimy and fuzzed out, and also preserves some of my low end leaving my bass actually sounding like a bass. I guess my 14 year old guitarist self’s trash is my 22 year old bassist self’s treasure.




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