KIND KING - Act IV: I'm With You Rockland

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‘KIND KING - "Act IV: I'm With You In Rockland." An 11-and-a-half-minute post-rock/jazz fusion odyssey. Given the gratuitous length, here are some highlights:
- The clean guitars at 0:45 utilize both a Boss TR-2 and a Dynacord rotary speaker emulator for a warbly sound to complement the Hammond B3 on the track.
- When Doyle and I start trading fours at 2:27, I believe we were using the same guitar and amp, just swapping pickup settings and dirt pedals for our respective solos (RAT and T. Rex Yellow Drive).
- Appropriately, at 4:20, things get WEIRD. I split my guitar signal into both inputs of my V4B for sort of a wet/dry blending effect for the TR-2, the rate of which I manipulated by carefully tweaking the knob with my foot while playing.
- Around 8:00, I riff around with an MXR Blue Box for that octave-down, synthy sound. In addition, some choir-like pads swell up - several harmonized tremolo-picking parts, drowned in WET Reverb and DL4.

Enjoy! - Mike Moschetto’




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